Clinics / Hospitals

Clinics / Hospitals


Create an atmosphere of trust

  • Trust is the basis for all medical consultations. As such, many doctors make an effort to design their offices and medical facilities in a way that puts their patients at ease.
  • For many people, the smell of medical supplies and disinfectants alone cause stress, as it triggers memories of painful past experiences.
  • This is where the professional room scenting concept by Kodo comes in. Natural essences are used to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere.
  • The essential oils used by Kodo also improve hygiene by inhibiting the growth of fungi, viruses and bacteria effectively killing unpleasant smells before they arise.

Effects of scenting in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms

  • Professional room scenting decreases patient stress and anxiety significantly and increases the level of trust.
  • Patients perceive waiting times in scented waiting rooms to be considerably lower.
  • On average patients rate treatment by their doctor as being of higher quality in scented consultation rooms.