Car / Bike / Airline

Car / Bike / Airline


Using all five senses

  • Highlight the exclusivity of your presentation and the cars on display in an effective way by using our scent components.
  • In fact the right smell can generate butterflies in the stomach of the potential buyer, which will ultimately lead him to choose a car / motorbike.
  • Effective scent marketing by Kodo is not limited to the smell of the entire show room it also includes car scenting solutions for end customer.
  • Long travel times and delays irritate travelers. This stress is often unjustly associated with the companies concerned.
  • Waiting crowds can create some very unpleasant odors and experiences and that’s where air refinement by Kodo can become a real blessing.

Effects of scent marketing in showrooms, lounges

  • Professional room scenting will leave your customers with a favorable impression.
  • Customers will associate a pleasant atmosphere with your company.
  • A specifically tailored scent profile will fuse positive feelings and your brand in your customer’s mind.
  • Increase the amount of time spent by customers in showrooms considerably.